[New Release] The Naked Traveler, Across the Indonesian Archipelago (#TNTeng)

by Trinity


Trinity is Indonesia’s leading travel blogger and writer. Four volumes of “The Naked Traveler” have been published to date, and have quickly become Indonesia’s best-selling travel book. Her books tell of her adventures around the world in compilations of thoughtful, entertaining and often hysterical short stories. Through her blog, books, and appearances, Trinity has inspired a young generation of Indonesians to expand their horizons through travel. For the first time in English, this compilation focuses on Trinity’s adventures in and around Indonesia, providing travelers to the region an indispensable insight into the culture and sights of this multi-faceted archipelago.

(preview from page 51-53)

From what you see of it on TV, the Komodo is truly terrifying – I will never erase the image of a goat being swallowed whole in a single huge gulp. For a whole month before we left, Yasmin, Jana and I (none of us spring chickens) were busy developing our komodo evasion techniques in case we were suddenly charged. Apparently, a komodo that is approximately three metres long and weighs 70kg (on an empty stomach) can run at 20km/h, climb trees, and swim underwater!

When the boat arrived in Komodo Island, a World Heritage Site, we were given a briefing by the guide. “There are 2,500 komodos in the park. Komodos like to eat meat, including human meat.”
One westerner was less than excited. “Can I just stay in the boat?”
But there was no backing out now. All the foreign tourists who had spent the boat ride wearing as little as possible were suddenly transformed into Indiana Jones attire, complete with hats, khaki shirts, pants and trekking boots. Of course, that left us three looking like total dorks. All we were worried about was making sure we had put on enough insect repellent.
And the dorkiness continued when the Komodo National Park ranger asked, “Who wants to go for a short trek?”
All three of us put our hands up at the same time.
“Medium trek?”
No response.
“Long trek?”
At this point the remaining 23 sets of hands shot up into the air. Damn westerners! It wasn’t all bad though as the three of us were given our own guide while the rest of the group shared the remaining two. Aside from not really wanting to go trekking, we were also glad we would not have to try to keep up with their long-legged strides.

Translator/Editor: Alan Llewelyn
Publisher: B-First, PT Bentang Pustaka
Language: English
ISBN: 978-602-8864-95-4
Paperback: 204 pages
Weight: 0.26 kg
Price: IDR 79,000


Where can I buy it?
As of 25 Nov 2013, #TNTeng is available in book stores, such as Gramedia, Gunung Agung, and Togamas, in Java and Bali. A week after will be available in Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and other islands. You also can buy online at mizan.com or other Indonesian online book stores. The e-book via iOS and Android apps will be available soon.

Where can I find it in the book store?
Usually it’s placed under the book shelf of “Novel”, or “Pariwisata”, or “Buku Baru” right in front of the entrance.

Is it available in the book store outside Indonesia?
Not at the moment. Foreign publisher needs to get the copyright in order to publish it outside Indonesia. However, my publisher is working on it.

Is it newly written?
#TNTeng was taken from The Naked Traveler 1-4 and focuses in stories about Indonesia.

Why it’s more expensive than previous books?
Besides the increasing prices of paper and printing, translating from Indonesian language to English needs to be included.

Why should I buy?
It’s the first wittiest travel book in English written by an Indonesian! You’d want to get one to have an ultimate collection of all The Naked Traveler series! If not for you, it’s a perfect gift for your foreign families/friends for their reference to travel around Indonesia that honestly written by a well-traveled Indonesian.

What if I’m interested to buy the copyright and distribute overseas, or need more information?
Please contact my publisher, Ms. Ditta Sekar at ditta.sekar@gmail.com or call at +6281318012358


Trinity is Indonesia’s leading travel writer and blogger. Author of 13 national best-selling books including “The Naked Traveler” series - which will become a movie in 2017.


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