The Naked Traveler is the first and foremost travel blog in Indonesia. The book series have the same title.

Trinity is Indonesia’s leading travel writer with 11 national best-selling travel books including a graphic travelogue.

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In 2005, she started a travel blog at naked-traveler.com and in less than two years the blog was nominated as finalist in Indonesia’s Best Blog Awards. She then switched from a corporate career to become a full-time traveler and freelance travel writer.

Her debut book The Naked Traveler was a compilation of thoughtful but hilarious short stories from her adventure around the world. The book inspired many Indonesians, especially young people, to travel, something that still quite rare at the time. The Naked Traveler series now has four titles; all are Indonesia’s best-selling travel books to date.

Trinity, along with Erastiany and illustrator Sheila Rooswitha, created Indonesia’s first graphic travelogue Duo Hippo Dinamis: Tersesat di Byzantium (The Dynamic Hippos: Lost in Byzantium). She also contributed to the anthologies The JourneysTraveLove and The Naked Traveler Anthology.

She has found time to become a contributor for many travel and lifestyle publications, a social media entrepreneur, and a speaker at a variety of events. In 2010, Trinity won an Indonesia Travel & Tourism Awards as Indonesia’s Leading Travel Writer and was dubbed as ‘Heroine for Indonesian tourism’ by The Jakarta Post.

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Trinity has a Bachelor Degree in Communications from Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia, and was awarded an Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship to do her Master in Management at the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines.

She has traveled to almost all the provinces of Indonesia as well as 64 countries around the world – and counting. She still thinks Indonesia is the best country she has ever visited.

Published books

  1. “The Naked Traveler (Catatan Backpacker Wanita Indonesia Keliling Dunia)” – Bentang Pustaka, Jun 2007
  2. “The Naked Traveler 2” – Bentang Pustaka, Jan 2010
  3. “Duo Hippo Dinamis: Tersesat di Byzantium” (Indonesia’s first graphic travelogue) – Bentang Pustaka, May 2010
  4. “The Journeys, Kisah Perjalanan Para Pencerita” – Gagas Media, Apr 2011
  5. “The Naked Traveler 3” – Bentang Pustaka, May 2011
  6. “TraveLove, Dari Ransel Turun ke Hati” – Bentang Pustaka, May 2012
  7. “The Naked Traveler 4″ – Bentang Pustaka, Sep 2012
  8. “The Naked Traveler, Across the Indonesian Archipelago” (in English Language) – Bentang Pustaka, Oct 2013
  9. The Naked Traveler Anthology” – Bentang Pustaka, Jul 2014
  10. The Naked Traveler: 1 Year Round-the-World Trip Part #1” – Bentang Pustaka, Sep 2014
  11. The Naked Traveler: 1 Year Round-the-World Trip Part #2” – Bentang Pustaka, Sep 2014

Get them in the book stores in Indonesia, or buy online at mizanstore.com.

Digital book of “The Naked Traveler” series can be downloaded from Android & iOS Apps, i.e. Wayang Force, Scoop, Indobook, Buqu, etc.

TV Program

“The Naked Traveler – The Series” on MNC Food & Travel, Indovision channel 98, every Saturday and Sunday at 9 AM.

Awards & Recognitions

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