“The Naked Traveler (Catatan Seorang Backpacker Wanita Indonesia Keliling Dunia)” has been one of Indonesia’s bestsellers! Bondan Winarno said, “…memikat. Ada kejujuran dalam mengungkapkan apa yang dirasakan, tidak hanya yang dilihat…”

More crazy adventures on “The Naked Traveler 2″ which is now national bestseller! Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet, said, “I may have been to many of these places before, but The Naked Traveler takes me there by a whole new route.”

“Duo Hippo Dinamis: Tersesat di Byzantium” is Indonesia’s first graphic travelogue! Written by Trinity & Erastiany, drawn by Sheila Rooswitha. Available now! (Please check the book store’s computer or ask the staffs)

Never enough to read Trinity’s journey around the world? Get “The Naked Traveler 3″ now! It’s threefold hilarious, spooky and enlightening!

TraveLove (Dari Ransel Turun ke Hati) – anthology

The Naked Traveler 4

The Naked Traveler, Across the Indonesian Archipelago

The Naked Traveler Anthology

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Watch her journey in Sumba, Indonesia, on Metro TV’s travel program called “Archipelago” here: Pasola Festival, Pronobaroro village and Sumba landscape.